The Wellness Center at WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center (2000 Foundation Way, Martinsburg) is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Since opening its doors in the fall of 1999, it has doubled in size and expanded services to meet the needs of the community.

The Center, located in the Dorothy A. McCormack Center on the Berkeley Medical Center campus, has undergone several updates and added equipment over the years. In fact, it’s currently undergoing renovations for a new, fresh look.

At the heart of The Wellness Center is the staff and members. Members often comment that they feel comfortable, safe, and at home in the facility. The Center’s highly qualified, degreed, and certified staff have over 100 years of combined experience in the fitness and wellness field.

“We strive to offer comprehensive fitness and wellness services in an atmosphere that is inviting and makes our members feel at home,” said Brent Garrett, center director. “Our programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our members to assist them in meeting their health and wellness goals.”

Can’t Say Enough

The Wellness Center was proudly the first and only fitness facility in the area to offer the Technogym System, an advanced type of fitness equipment made in Italy. The system allows staff to design a customized fitness program that is then loaded onto a special key.  This allows members to easily track their individual fitness goals, and Center staff follows up with regular assessments—along with daily interaction and assistance.

In addition to the Technogym equipment, the Center also offers a variety of fitness classes and health and wellness programs. Personal training sessions are also offered for an additional fee.

“Within about a year of opening, we were up to around a thousand members,” added Garrett, who’s been with the Center for twenty years this month, and director for the past ten. “It’s a testament to the services and the environment we provide here and the incredible staff we have here working with our members every day.”

Garrett pointed out that membership currently stands at approximately 2,700 members, which has a lot to do with why the Center is looking to expand. “We expanded the facility in 2005 because of increasing numbers—we got to the point where we simply couldn’t add any more members. And now we’re looking to expand again.”

Garrett emphasized that what distinguishes The Wellness Center more than anything else is the relationships he and his staff develop with members. “This place is essentially like one big family—I’m sure that happens at other gyms on certain levels, but there’s really something special going on here, particularly for the older population that we have. It’s a really great environment to work within and I can’t say enough about our members. It’s what makes us who we are.”

On October 7, the Center held an open-house where tours were offered and staff discussed membership options. “One man walked up to me,” Garrett added, “and said, I just learned all I need to know about this place by talking to the people working out. They had nothing but great things to say about it.”

For more information, click the above link, call 304-264-1232, email, and find The Wellness Center on Facebook.

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