Jumbo Seafood, LLC is a Fresh Seafood “Market Truck” that opened in Loudoun County (VA) in 1995. In 2011, the husband and wife team of Les Bowman and Ali James relocated their truck to Jefferson County, and now offer their product from a corner of the property of the EZMART/Sunoco gas station at 1422 Blair Road, just off of Route 340, halfway between Charles Town and Harpers Ferry.

Les and Ali’s season runs from the beginning of April through December. Hours of weekly operation are Friday and Saturday, 10am-6pm, and Sunday 10am until sold out.

“Our mission is to provide the freshest, highest-quality seafood that we can procure, and offer it for the fairest price possible,” said Ali. “We purchase only what we anticipate we’ll be able to sell in a weekend’s time, and we buy directly from the suppliers—most of whom we’ve been doing business with for more than twenty years.”

Ali admits that many of their suppliers are like family. “We know they rely on us to buy their product, and we rely on them to provide us the top-quality goods.”

The same goes for Jumbo customers. “It’s very similar,” she added. “They rely on us to provide them with the freshest available U.S.-caught seafood, and we’re relying on them to buy from us. It’s very gratifying for us to know that we are trusted and chosen to provide the seafood that feeds their friends and family.”

That said, Ali also points out that, though the concept sounds simple on paper, the reality, especially logistically, can be much more challenging. “My husband does an amazing job of negotiating and determining the quantities of each item to buy weekly,” she noted. “Ninety-nine percent of all our product is from U.S. waters. The one exception is our Scottish Salmon Fillets—our top seller in a list of six or seven types of fresh fish offered weekly, along with fresh shrimp, non-processed sea scallops, and much more.”

Challenges aside, Jefferson County, where Ali was raised, has welcomed Jumbo Seafood, LLC with open arms. Les was raised in nearby Hillsboro (VA). “We call the Eastern Panhandle home, and home is where the heart is,” she affirmed.

“There are a lot of ‘foodies’ in the area, and a lot of people that are conscientious of the quality of the food they eat,” she added. “It’s a good fit for our business, and we are appreciative of the loyalty of our customers. Looking forward, it’s very encouraging that we meet new customers weekly. Most, if not all of them, become regulars.”

Les and Ali pride themselves on the product they provide, as well as additional education on how to cook and handle it, if needed.

“We both love our jobs, and I believe it is evident in the personal customer service we provide.”

To sign up for the weekly email list of product availability, email aliblu@aol.com.

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