Sophie Scudieri was a toddler when her parents would find her prancing around the house with guitar in hand, singing about giraffes and learning the frustration of the occasional broken string. About 12 years later, Sophie is composing, playing, and singing with her father, Scooter, in their band Flowers and Birds.

A high school student by day, Sophie pursues AP classes, and until recently, played varsity soccer. This year, though, it was time for her music to take center stage.

Scooter and Sophie have been making music together in their basement-turned-studio for years—led by a simple code: to make quality music.

“Anything can be a song, but just because it can be a song doesn’t mean it should be,” Scooter explained recently—stealing a glance at Sophie, who’s heard the advice countless times.

Scooter spent decades in the entertainment industry, but Flowers and Birds isn’t about replicating his experience as a musician. Instead, he wants Sophie to experience the opportunity to grow as an artist, and find her own persona on the stage.

“I know what she can do, but to have her deliver to the crowd is pretty awesome,” he said. “I’ve performed with thirty-five international acts, and when we’re performing together, she is right there with me.”

The father-daughter duo has come to rely on one another as they work through their creative processes. From discussing lyrics and the meanings to finding the harmonies within each piece, the two have built a relationship that allows them to bond with each chord, and bring sense to each note.

On the performance side of things, Flowers and Birds is developing authentically—every gig they’ve landed has been by word of mouth.

“I just want to keep on performing with him and increasing my confidence and my ability to write songs, Sophie explained. “I see how much he has learned over the years, and how much I can learn from him—maybe in this next four years, I’ll branch off and do my own thing, but I want to keep learning.”

Over the last eight months, the two have practiced daily in order to nail a 24-song set—half of which are original pieces. This time next year, they plan to release a record including only original music. But in the meantime, they want to keep taking the stage locally, and beyond. Most recently, they performed at the Bavarian Inn’s Oktoberfest. From that event alone, Flowers and Birds booked four more gigs.

“That is where I’m supposed to be; that is who I’m supposed to be,” Sophie expressed. “I just feel like myself.”

When performing, Flowers and Birds exists in a moment defined by trust—the music giving life to the environment. The refreshing presence emanating from father and daughter gives off an undeniable resonance—everyone in the room feels just a little bit better.

Find Scooter and Sophie Scudieri’s music at SOUNDCLOUD here and follow the above links for live clips and upcoming shows.

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