When creating the perfect dinner setting for a special meal, plate selection is at the forefront of every host’s list. Luckily, there is a local artist based in Harpers Ferry who creates unique dining-plate masterpieces that you really need to see in person.

Artist Gil Garcia has worked tirelessly to perfect his line of dinner plates—inspired by Mother Nature. He began his art career as a sculptor, but shifted his focus after noticing something beautiful emerging during his daily routine.

“The idea for these dinner plates started a long time ago, actually,” he explained. “It began with a heated bird bath. Every morning, I’d turn it on at my house. When it was frozen, I would notice these patterns emerge.”

Garcia began finding different ways to create new formations, including a hot-water pour-over method. After being taken aback from the emerging patterns, he explained that he wanted to find a way to preserve the images. He began photographing the ice patterns on a more regular basis.

“I figured out a way to lift these ice blocks out of the bird bath, and began taking pictures,” he maintained. “Depending on the temperature, you get different layers of ice crystals.”

As he continued this process, Garcia began to add more to the images through post-production editing. “I colorize them until I’m satisfied with the image.” He added, “And I thought these would make amazing plates.”

Garcia was absolutely correct; they truly are amazing plates that any dinner guest would complement. He uses the finest porcelain plates available on the market as his base, then kiln-fires the designs onto each plate. Each plate is creative and functional—both dishwasher and microwave safe.

“The plates are very durable, but they are also very unique,” Garcia pointed out. “The nature connection is very dynamic. I try to build a connection. After I create the image, and add colors, the pattern is made into a decal, which is then put onto the plate.”

To view Garcia’s collection, click here. To speak with Garcia, call 304-596-0255.

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