Since 2007, Adam Shively has worked diligently to make 4 State Real Estate the second-largest independently owned real estate company the Eastern Panhandle. As the founder of the growing company (headquartered at 201 N George St., Suite 101, Charles Town), Shively and his team are well on their way to meeting their professional goals: “to create a regional powerhouse and a name you will have faith in referring your friends and closest family members.”

As he leads the charge in expanding the company from its homebase, he has selected the perfect person to represent the newest satellite office in Shepherdstown—Tara Sanders Lowe. The new 4 State location at 8530 Shepherdstown Pike is in the lower level of the Hoxton professional complex. To celebrate the new workspace, Lowe and her team will be hosting an open-house July 15-19. All are welcome to attend.

4 State Real Estate

“As 4 State has expanded and added more agents, the Charles Town office has just gotten busier and busier, which is a good thing,” Lowe explained. “We have been very active in Charles Town. When the Shepherdstown space became available, it opened up the opportunity for us to have not only a location for some of our agents to work out of, but to be able to really—fully—support and serve Shepherdstown and its surrounding areas.”

Lowe has made a name for herself in Shepherdstown throughout her various philanthropic ventures. She is the force behind one of the town’s largest non-profit fundraisers—Identity Crisis. She also coaches for Jefferson County Parks and Recreation—as does Shively.

4 State Real Estate is centered on creating community partnerships. The goal as a company is to make the communities it operates within a better place to live. One of the most significant partnerships Lowe was excited about is that the new physical location allows the company to partner with the Shepherdstown Visitors Center.

Further expanding on the role partnerships play for the company, office assistant Vicki Hopkins noted: “4 State—and Tara, particularly—makes a point to integrate activities with clients, both sellers and buyers.”

For more information, click here. Lowe can be reached at 304-876-8304—or plan to attend the 4 State Open-House at the Shepherdstown location.

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