Greentree Realty (138 E. German St., Shepherdstown) has been serving the regional real estate community for nearly two decades.

Broker Jackie Lewis has been selling property in the Eastern Panhandle for 38 years, and a majority of the Greentree agents have been part of the team for 12 years or more.

“My agents all live in either Berkeley or Jefferson Counties, and have for a long time,” Lewis said. “They know the people and the neighborhoods, and that has been a huge plus.”

In addition to local real estate services, Greentree can also aide in the market beyond the Panhandle. “I have an agent who is licensed in D.C. and Maryland. Everyone contributes and have been valuable assets in our growth,” she continued.

Lewis also takes pride in being a female business owner. “I am entrenched in the community, and so is my son, Brad, who just received his broker’s license, and will take over one day,” she explained. “Our office has been on Main Street in Shepherdstown since 1990, and it serves us well.”

Greentree Realty has an extremely user-friendly website as well, allowing the community to easily access properties that are for sale and lease. The business specializes in residential and commercial, rentals, office, lots and land, investment properties, timeshare properties, and short sale. If you have a real estate or rental need, Greentree likely has a solution for you.

Additionally, all 11 agent profiles can be found on the website, providing potential clients with the opportunity to find the best match for the services they need. Greentree also employs a bilingual staff member—who aides in translation when needed.

“We all work well together,” Lewis pointed out, “and that shows.”

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