Jennifer Peterson opened her business, Westvirjeni, in 2013, as a hobby business, but it quickly blossomed into something more.

Flash forward a few years, and Jennifer has now stepped away from a 10-year career as a financial adviser and fully committed to Westvirjeni, which provides unique, artistic, and luxurious flower arrangements for weddings and events.

At the heart of her business is a love of growing and arranging flowers, so Jennifer takes pride in using American-grown flowers as much as possible, while reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. “In an industry with an insane amount of waste, I pride myself in the fact the I try to reuse product once it’s dried, and reduce waste,” she explained. “I dry a good bit of my leftover material for wreaths that I sell on my Westvirjeni Etsy shop, and I compost the rest. If something can be reused or recycled, I always make that happen.”

By using her clients’ visions, budgets, colors, and inspirations, Jennifer captures the aesthetic of a wedding or event to create something original. She doesn’t replicate other florists or promise particular flowers, but with a little bit of trust and artistic freedom, she aims to create something her clients will love.

Jennifer grows her own flowers from April through October, which lets her add something special to every bouquet, centerpiece, or floral installation she creates. She also provides guidance, education, and assistance to other florists as a Chapel designer.

“I think one of the most exciting things, though, are opportunities that await for more international travel and destination weddings,” she indicated. “For the past three years, I’ve been freelance designing for other florists as well as running Westvirjeni. I’ve worked with some of the industry’s leading designers and planners, and learned so much.”

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