The choice to begin a home-based business was something Bari Drabczyk made while her children were young. She wanted a flexible job that allowed her to attend field trips and soccer games, as well as volunteer in her children’s classrooms. After years of trial and error, she almost gave up hope. Fortunately, a complimentary two-day sample of “Happy Coffee” revitalized not only her daily routine, but her at-home business goals as well. Drabczyk quickly became a daily consumer. Shortly thereafter, she decided to become a brand ambassador, forming her Better with Bari business.

“To find that perfect business was not an easy process,” she began. “Towards the end of 2017, after dabbling in a few opportunities, I was feeling burnt out and ready to give up on my dream of having that perfect home-based business. It was at that time that a friend of mine in Seattle had made a Facebook post about how she switched her morning cup of coffee to this ‘Happy Coffee,’ and she was feeling better mentally and physically than ever before—and she even lost some weight!”

Better with Bari

The coffee that changed her world was created by a health and wellness company called Elevacity. The flagship product for the Texas-based company is a daily instant coffee, known as Elevate Smart Coffee. Drabczyk describes the Dark Colombian Roasted Coffee as “. . . a coffee that makes people feel fantastic because it’s formulated to help your body release its own ‘happy hormones’—dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.”

She added, “I used to drink two cups of coffee every morning and maybe have one later in the day. Not anymore. With Happy Coffee, it’s one and done. You just don’t feel like you need anymore. After my first month, my clothes were getting looser, my energy was through the roof, I was finally getting things checked off my to-do lists, and I was a happier person for my family. I knew this was a product I would be excited and confident in sharing with my friends, family, and everyone I meet.”

Drabczyk points out that there is no special diet to follow when incorporating these products, “… but I warn you, it totally takes away your cravings for sugars and bad carbs—anyone following a low-carb or keto diet could really benefit from using these products.”

To request a sample of Happy Coffee, call or text 304-935-5550 or click here to order a 30-day supply.

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