Tara Sanders Lowe spent 20 years event planning and doing promotion and marketing before transitioning into real estate last year.

“It’s definitely a perfect fit for my skill set, and has turned out to be a ‘yes she can’ experience for me,” she said.

Lowe, a 31-year resident of Jefferson County, is an agent at 4 State Real Estate (201 N. George St., Suite 101, Charles Town) and is licensed in West Virginia as well as Maryland.

“I’ve always thought about getting into real estate; I felt that I could use my experience to deliver a far better service to prospective clients,” she maintained. “Real estate transactions are truly some of the biggest moments in our lives. Folks need to be able to trust that the person representing them has integrity.”

She believes every client deserves an agent who will give their full attention, and that puts their clients’ needs ahead of their own. “And, that is my skill set. That is what I do,” she asserted.

One of the things Lowe likes most about her work is reconnecting with people in the community. Her job is to focus on the neighborhoods, towns, and cities—getting to know the people that live there, what they care about, and what they consider special about the area.

“My years of living, working, and networking in the Eastern Panhandle has helped me immensely,” she said. “It seems that I’ve ended up having some type of connection to each new client.”

That experience has allowed Lowe to quickly and efficiently source the information her clients need. “If a buyer or a seller needs something done, or information gathered, or if there is a connection to be made, I can normally deliver in seconds—whereas others may take hours or even days to find the answer or connect the person,” she said. “My varied background and history with the arts, events, marketing, and more provides me with quick avenues to remedy odd requests—like old wavy glass to replace cracked windows, a wall mural, or a custom iron railing, for example.”

For more information, email tarasanderslowe@gmail.com, or call 304-283-8300.

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