Early November will witness the launch of a new chapter at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown. Dubbed Bavarian Brothers Brewing, the fresh dimension to the established services will go hand in hand to create even more dining options for locals and vacationers alike.

“For forty-two years, we have run a fine-dining country inn,” said Christian Asam, who runs the Bavarian along with his brother David. “We’re looking to expand our offerings to our guests and transition into our new vision, a European-inspired boutique resort.”

Bavarian Brothers Brewing has brought several changes to the Greystone Building. A new lounge bar is open daily. A brew pub space will debut in early November, with eight beers on tap once operations are up to full speed. Asam pointed out that five of those beers will be brewed on site. Additionally, a refreshed and expanded outdoor patio seating area, with firepit, is the final component of the renovations.

Asam explained that the brew pub will have its own menu of “intelligent yet casual small bites,” adding that the Bavarian has always been “… careful to have a sense of ‘place’ with our food, menus, and décor. It will be European themed or based off of local Appalachian inspirations.”

He’s also quick to point out that these changes certainly don’t mean the unique elements of the Bavarian, a hallmark of Shepherdstown for the past four decades, will disappear. “If you’ve been a visitor for the past forty-two years, you can still have the same experience,” he assured. “Fine dining will still be in the Potomac Room; the Rathskeller will remain the same. We’re not changing all the offerings, but instead, adding dining options and amenities to appeal to our long-term guests, while introducing a next generation of travelers to the Inn.”

The new chapter at the Bavarian Inn is off to a delicious start.

Future Forward

The name Bavarian Brothers Brewing is a nod to the present owners’ believed ancestors, the Asam brothers, who were architects and church builders in Bavaria during the 1700s.

Erwin Asam, the father of Christian and David, who established the Bavarian Inn in 1976, is set to be the namesake of one of the on-tap beers—“Erwin’s Angry Ale”—as is their mother—“Carol’s Royal Stout.”

“The beers will give us a unique opportunity to have some fun and be whimsical with our product and names,” said Asam, indicating the beer named for his father is an acknowledgment of his seriousness, and the one for his mother, a nod to her formal manner.

And while patrons are enjoying the new amenities, they’ll likely notice some additional renovations that aren’t necessarily dining-centric, but more with an eye towards the environment.

“In the past five years, we’ve really looked to see how we, as an organization, can be environmentally conscious,” Asam indicated. “We installed solar panels on our Black Forest Building to offset energy needs. We also installed four solar-powered car chargers—two for electric cars and two for Tesla. Guests are using these and are thankful for our efforts.”

Moreover, the Bavarian’s tennis court has received a refurbishment, and a bocce court has been added for guests. To that end, guest-room renovations have begun, and with the impetus for many of the changes being the addition of the ever-popular infinity pool in recent years, which overlooks the Potomac River, Asam indicated there is more on the horizon.

The new lounge offers locals and visitors alike a sophisticated new option by day or night in Shepherdstown. ©Photo Bavarian Inn

“We still have lots of ideas and upgrades that we want to do. We instantly noticed that we were getting a younger clientele and a few more families. And most importantly, guests were staying longer. Instead of a typical one-night stay, people were beginning to look at us as a summer vacation spot where guests now stayed three or four nights, or even longer.”

Asam and his brother thought to themselves, “… how do we capture this energy year-round, and not just the five months the pool is open?”

And so here they are, leading the Bavarian into the future, following four decades of success, while remaining true to the original formula—a notion that Asam guarantees. “We promise to stay true to our European heritage throughout the process.”

— Find out more by visiting the Bavarian Inn website, connecting with their Facebook page, or by stopping in for a look (and a meal) at 164 Shepherd Grade Road in Shepherdstown.

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