The Pediatric Movement Center (1045 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, MD) opened for business in 2017 to serve children of all ages and abilities.

“Being lifelong residents of the local community, we saw a need to serve the local pediatric population both therapeutically and recreationally through individualized therapy treatments, classes, and special events,” explained Director Christina Snyder. “We wanted to provide an inclusive environment for children of all abilities to have fun, grow, and thrive.”

The (PMC) team feels that every child deserves to have a comfortable place where they can play with their peers, and develop skills. Many of their patients who have special needs have hopes and dreams to do big things, just like any other child.

“Every child may not be able to accomplish a goal in the same way, but we celebrate every single accomplishment with our kids, and their families,” Snyder said. “Our team is passionate about serving our local pediatric population, and is committed to developing strong bodies and minds in a fun-filled atmosphere.”

PMC offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Their physical and occupational therapists utilize therapeutic play techniques for progression of development and function, including: neurodevelopmental handling techniques, sensory integration techniques, manual therapy, development of motor skills for participation in self-care management, behavior modification techniques/assistance, home exercise programs to enhance carryover, support, and participation in home and community activities.

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The speech therapists utilize low and high-tech devices for communication, behavioral feeding interventions, swallowing management and treatment, feeding management and treatment, development of functional speech through play, and evaluations and treatments for children with difficulty producing sounds and forming sentences.

PMC also offers classes including parent-child courses (to encourage early development), beginner and advanced gymnastics, and ninja moves class.

“Our team’s passion is promoting childhood wellness,” emphasized Snyder. “This means supporting them developmentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Our comprehensive approach treating the body and mind within a sensory-rich environment inspires confidence—a shared goal among our team members.”

PMC currently has a staff of eight therapists and six teachers/gym aides. Their culture of inclusivity as well as their integration of play, therapy, and socialization all at one location offers a unique space for the community. Housed within their 8,000-square-foot facility is a range of equipment unique to PMC, including a sensory room, playhouse, LiteGait system, and a rock wall.

For more information, call 301-739-5437, and visit the above links.


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