A new mental health and substance abuse counseling center arrives in Jefferson County.

The Renovo Center opened earlier this year in Kearneysville (WV), and celebrated an Open House on April 28. Founded by Melissa Swartz, who has been providing counseling services locally since 2011, this integrative mental health and substance abuse counseling center addresses treatment with a “no shame,” research- and brain-based approach—using various counseling methods with neurofeedback and nutrition support.

Neurofeedback research has shown improved outcomes when combined with therapy for panic, sleep, PTSD, and addiction issues. Since some forms of addiction, as well as some mental illnesses, are born out of trauma, inner turmoil, or loss, Renovo believes there is no place for shame in treatment.

While providing clinical supervision and program development services for the Jefferson Day Report Center in recent years, Swartz became increasingly aware of the lack of resources, treatment options, and providers offering Medicaid reimbursable services in the Eastern Panhandle.

When Governor Tomblin’s Medicaid expansion rolled out in July 2015, private counseling practices gained the ability to offer Medicaid reimbursable services. Previously, Eastridge Health Systems and Shenandoah Valley Behavioral Health were the only mental health and substance abuse providers of Medicaid reimbursable services in the Panhandle.

Despite the Medicaid expansion, many mental health providers were still reluctant to work with Medicaid—primarily due to the traditional challenges associated with it. After persistent encouragement from Jefferson Day Report Center’s Executive Director, Ronda Eddy, and multiple meetings with UniCare representatives, Swartz became an in-network provider.

UniCare is one of the four Medicaid Managed Care Organizations that income-eligible Medicaid recipients can choose from—managed by Anthem, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance company. Renovo Center counselors are also in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and PEIA.

As more was learned about the needs of many UniCare recipients, a group practice, led by Swartz, fell into place. The Renovo Center offers case management, art therapy groups for adults and children, substance abuse education for family members of substance abusers, The Nurturing Group—for parents in substance abuse treatment and recovery, Giftedness—an exceptional kids group (for parents also), Effective Stress Processing for Healthcare Providers, and much more.

The Renovo Center also developed working relationships with a nutritionist, a local church, and an additional counselor—who are all located in the Center building.

Tammy Thornton is a registered dietician with specialized training in integrative nutrition, food addiction, and nutrition support for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse conditions.

Reformation Community Fellowship is affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Pastor Randy Marcoz, a retired Army intelligence officer, also provides neurofeedback and Christian counseling services, as well as brain-based communication training to law enforcement and the intelligence community.

Counselor April Lehman is trained in brain-based trauma therapy—EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and specializes in treating substance abuse and mental health conditions.

— If you feel like The Renovo Center is a good match for you or someone you care about, don’t hesitate to make contact, or set up a visit. Find them online here, as well as Facebook. You can also contact 681-242-8819, or find the facility at 150 E. Burr Blvd, Washington Building, in the Burr Industrial Park, Kearneysville, WV. (Featured image: Melissa Swartz, Renovo Center Founder.)

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