WVU Medicine continues to expand and improve health care in the Eastern Panhandle. Cardiologists in the area have the same goals as the WVU Heart & Vascular Institute (H&VI), their newest partner, as they meet the area’s cardiovascular needs.

Dr. Ajay Virmani has been practicing medicine in the region for 20 years, and began his cardiology practice in Winchester (VA) in 2008. He eventually expanded to Martinsburg, and later to Front Royal (VA). The practice is now integrated with WVU Heart & Vascular Institute (H&VI), and as a result, Vascular Institute of Winchester, LLC is up and running—along with the Martinsburg office.

“WVU is expending considerable resources to improve cardiovascular outcomes in the Panhandle,” he explained. “A large portion of the population from this region are cared for by physicians in the Winchester, Martinsburg, and Charles Town areas. Therefore, it is a natural extension for WVU to reach out across state lines to be instrumental in that health care.”

Virmani explained that when they were an independent private practice, it was not easy to keep up with the expensive technologies—so, to have access to the readily available resources of a large institution is extremely helpful in regards to patient care.

“Now, with this merger, we are able to apply state-of-the-art information systems and technologies in the care of our patients,” he noted. “We also now have ready access to a large pool of talent and other services at the WVU Hospital, with seamless communication to facilitate the process of delivering health care in the Eastern Panhandle.”

Because of the relationship, patients will enjoy easy access to comprehensive cardiovascular services locally, with only the occasional need to travel for very advanced services that are only available at larger regional hospitals.

“We are grateful to the physician leadership and administrative staff at WVU and Berkeley Medical Center—who have provided us with this opportunity as well as the equipment, resources, and support staff,” said Virmani. “It’s second to none, and allows us to provide excellent care. We look forward to continued growth and services in the Eastern Panhandle in the area of cardiology, which will improve quality of life, as well as life expectancy for the community.”

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