Darrell Jones, owner of Panhandle-based SVG Commercial Cleaning, LLC, opened his business after finding peace in the act of cleaning. According to Jones, when life gets tough and his mind becomes messy, he enters a “savage mode” that can only be calmed when he’s cleaning.

Jones’ business is an extension of that savage mode and also a way for him to connect with the community while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

He said the mission is to, “… deliver services as a company, coupled with meaningful and lasting community contributions, to increase the health, wellness, and image of the community.”

Jones moved to Ranson five years ago, but didn’t officially open his business until May of this year—despite performing random cleaning jobs on the side for 10 years. He prides himself on his company’s ideals and services.

“We show up and we go out of our way to make sure we do extra, so our customers say ‘wow,’” he underscored. “We’re consistent and we deliver the best cleaning services in the area.”

SVG Commercial Cleaning offers daily, weekly, and special services for homes, businesses, events, medical offices, and many other environments.

Currently, Jones only offers services to West Virginia, because he wants to support the local community. “I find it important to support local business at all costs, because I want to see West Virginia grow,” he affirmed. “I’m creating an awesome place to work, jobs, promoting health—there’s nothing better to me.”

In the future, Jones may expand outside of the Mountain State, but for now, his focus is local. He feels a connection to the area and a desire to give back to a community that has offered him so much support.

To that end, Jones’ young company stands out because he finds ways to work faster and better while making his customers happy. “I can’t imagine doing anything other than this—I’m giving it everything I have.”

For more information, follow the above links, and/or call 304-503-3170.

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