With the late-winter snow behind us, you might be eager to get started on some long-overdue spring cleaning.

For a lot of folks, cleaning up leads to “fixing up.” To that end, whether it’s installing accent lights around the house or deck, putting in ceiling fans or a sound system, or even updating an entire panel, there’s only one person you need to call: Jim Liller, of Jim Liller Electric.

Specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electric services, including new construction and remodeling, Jim has been practicing his trade for over 30 years. Across that span, he’s worked within every sector of the industry—from power houses, steel mills, and nuclear plants to large commercial projects and single-family homes. He’s even worked on high-voltage transmission lines.

Basically, as a Master electrician, whatever your electrical service needs may be, Jim can help you design a solution.

Interestingly enough, by day, Jim manages onsite contractors facilitating preventative maintenance to underground services within the U.S. Capitol utility distribution system tunnels. “The division I work within generates and supplies steam (for heat and hot water) and chilled water (for AC) to the buildings on Capitol Hill,” he explained.

And when he gets home, he simply switches hats and heads out to wherever the next Jim Liller Electric project takes him.

“I see an uptick in work this time of year because people are pulling things out of the house and maybe doing some remodeling,” he pointed out. “And they might have some extra money from taxes, and they’re either looking to do some enhancements or take care of some prior issues.”

One mistake Jim sees a lot involves panel boxes. “I stress that a lot—over the years, boxes get loose and I can go in there and do a good tightening to avoid any hot spots and potential fires.”

He also runs into situations where people have been told there’s a much bigger issue, when it’s really the panel box. “Another thing I see a lot is loose connections in devices—switches and plugs,” he noted. “People don’t realize that a loose connection will burn your house down—especially if you get a load on it. It gets hot enough to do it.”

While he personally enjoys doing full service upgrades, Jim enjoys a variety of things about his business. “I enjoy working in historic homes—and I often have to help people sort out a good bit of ‘Harry-the-homeowner’ stuff—when someone thought they could do it, but actually just created a fire hazard.”

As real estate picks up this time of year, he also often sees people changing out receptacles with the wrong ones. “Most of these older homes only have a two-prong receptacle and people will change it out to a three-prong,” he said. “I fix that a lot through real estate agents calling me before a home inspection.”

Ultimately, what sets Jim apart? “If you don’t need it, I’ll tell you. I’m not there to rip you off. I’m there to do a good job and make it right.”

If you’re in need of an electrician—for ANY reason or ANY job—Jim Liller is the man to call. He can be reached at 540-336-8481.

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