After 25 years with the law firm Hammer, Ferretti & Schiavoni, Joseph Ferretti has opened his own law firm in the Eastern Panhandle—Ferretti Law Offices, PLLC—located conveniently at 408 West King Street in Martinsburg (WV).

In 1992, Dave Hammer, Ferretti, and Bob Schiavoni formed the law firm—working together for 25 years until Schiavoni retired in 2017 and Hammer was elected Judge for the 23rd Judicial Circuit. To keep practicing law, Ferretti established the new firm.

“I started out with two excellent attorneys in 1992 and we had a great run,” Ferretti said. “Since then, I formed Ferretti Law Offices, PLLC to continue practicing in the Eastern Panhandle.”

Ferretti offers a personal touch with a side of aggressive representation at his current law firm, because of a tradition started at the former. “Because of the hard work my former partners and I dedicated to the practice of law, and our clientele, there is a reputation here of effort and good results for the client. I hope to continue with that tradition,” he stressed.

To that end, Ferretti works to gain the trust of clients and assure that their best interests are the priority. The firm distinguishes itself by emphasizing from the beginning of the process that nothing is certain and outcomes can be unpredictable.

“I have learned that clients do not want a heavy dose of optimism as much as they want to be talked to directly and honestly,” he pointed out—adding that his firm prides itself on the bond formed with clients through personalized attention and a straightforward approach.

According to Ferretti, it isn’t unusual for members of the firm to develop friendships with clients that last long beyond the end of their cases. As for location, he and his former partners chose the Eastern Panhandle because of the potential for growth. That growth was realized and now, according to Ferretti, the area is the economic engine of the state.

“There was no doubt about me staying here to practice law despite having the ability to practice anywhere in West Virginia,” he noted. “And even though my wife and I are from Pennsylvania originally, the Eastern Panhandle is our home. We’ve lived here longer than anywhere else and could not be happier about that fact.”

While Ferretti is anxious about how the business will progress while working as a sole practitioner, he looks forward to future endeavors with his firm. He wants to continue working for his clients to earn their respect, fulfill their needs to the best of his ability, and form bonds that last a lifetime.

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