The emotions that are evoked after a cherished pet passes away is something that many pet owners can find relatable—often the same as the loss of a human family member. In Jefferson County, a local family has created a new service to help ease the pain.

As of November 2018, Peaceful Valley Animal Crematory opened its doors to the public at 350 Old Shennandale Road in Charles Town (WV). “We are a farm family that is native to Jefferson County,” owner Susan Hough stated. “We’ve always been involved with animals in some way. We felt this service was needed in the area.”

Hough works alongside her husband, Todd, and her daughter, Sarah. They made the decision to offer this service to members of the community after realizing there was no like service available in the area. She explained that when a pet passes away at a veterinarian office in Jefferson County, the animal is sent out of state for cremation services. Now it can stay right here locally.

Susan Hough, seated.

“It’s like losing a family member, and it’s a time when emotions run high,” Hough noted. “People can bring their animal to us, or we can pick up their pet from their home, or from the veterinarian office. They can also request our services at their vet office when needed.  We are the first and only animal cremation service in Jefferson County.”

Peaceful Valley offers services for pets of all shapes and sizes—from pets as small as a rat to as large as a horse. “We can run the gamut from a small animal to a large animal,” Hough explained. “That is kind of unique to our operation.”

For the Hough family, personalization of service is what takes precedence for their business. Each urn is custom-made to suit each customer’s preference. Additionally, Peaceful Valley offers its clients an option to memorialize their beloved pets through a custom jewelry piece of their choosing. “We offer necklaces, bracelets, and key chains,” Hough added.

The jewelry is filled with a small amount of the pet’s ashes. The prices for this service range between $10 dollars for a keychain up to $50 for select necklaces.

To learn more about this new and unique local service, visit the above link, or follow Peaceful Valley Animal Crematory on Facebook. You can also call 681-252-3504.

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