Set to run from January 26-March 25 at Rivers Studio and Gallery (1346 W. Washington St., Harpers Ferry), the Soul-Full Cup is an exhibit designed to highlight the variety of beauty and functionality of handmade cups.

This invitational show will feature the works of between 40 and 50 artists—an interconnected list that spans decades, through many American states. Artists represent a range of disciplines—from nationally known ceramicists to emerging makers.

Each artist will send up to three cups to the exhibit—with one cup from each maker displayed in the gallery along with information about their individual process. As a cup is purchased, it will be replaced with another cup by the same artist. Additionally, an online sale through the above website will be available.

Rivers Studio hopes the exhibit will encourage conversations about the value of art in our everyday life as it pertains to mindful living, while providing artists and collectors access to the work of makers both new and established.

“As the holidays pass, and the dark, quiet months of January and February settle in, we find ourselves often holding our favorite cups full of hot beverages,” said Anne Rule-Thompson, owner and sculptor at Rivers. “Artists know that the cup is an intimate object highlighting the maker’s touch and aesthetic—from curve of form to surface design. I’m looking forward to holding in my hands each of these cups that were so thoughtfully created.”

Participating artists include: Maureen Alvarez, Noel Bailey, Phil Berneburg, Joan Bontempo, Joy Bridy, Chuck Brome, Chris Landers, Linda Christianson, Rick Clark, Kevin Crowe, Andrea Denniston, Eileen Egan, Susan Feagin, Warren Frederick, Debra Fritts, Shawn Grove, Martha Grover, Autumn Higgins, Matt Hyleck, Denise Kpiszewski, Lynn Lavin, David Kenton Kring, Lisa Kovatch, Lynsi Pasutti, Kirke Martin, Tameria Martinez, Bryan Mattraw, Linda McFarling, Blair Meerfeld, Rose Mendez, Eric Pardue, Allison C. Severance, Gary Shaffer, Tim Sherman, Gay Smith, Robert Strasser, Wendy Summers, Kristin Swanson, Joy Tanner, Catherine White, Stephanie Wilhelm, Deborah Williams, Scott Williams, and Lisa York.

Photo ©Rivers Studio and Gallery

An Opening Reception is set for January 26, from 6-8pm. Pulling from the above artists, Deborah Fritts is a nationally known sculptor from Santa Fe, NM, who has agreed to make three cups. Noel Bailey is a nationally known ceramicist who was recently featured in Ceramics Monthly magazine. Matthew Hyleck is a wood fire potter who also ran the Baltimore Clayworks program. And Lisa York teaches ceramics at Hood College (Frederick, MD).

Rivers Studio and Gallery opened in April, 2017. The gallery exhibits local and regional artists, while sculptor Anne Rule-Thompson’s studio, located behind the gallery, offers ceramics classes and a unique glimpse into her work process.

The mission of the Gallery is to offer quality sculptural and functional fine art in clay, metal, and wood while creating an opportunity to learn about the making process, and become students in ceramics and metalsmithing, taught by the artists at Rivers.

For more information, call 703-727-2532 or visit the website.

(ARTICLE SUBMITTED BY: Rivers Studio and Gallery)

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