Specializing in custom-home building, Speck Contracting, LLC was founded in 1999. Owner Steve Speck learned the trades from his father, a local builder.

“I decided to start my own business when I left his—to pursue my own dream of self-employment, just like he did thirty years earlier,” said Speck.

Speck Contracting meets customer needs every step of the way—from clearing a plot of land to perfecting the most minuscule details of a customer’s home. If a custom-build requires a log or timber frame, they can do that too. Portable saw mill equipment even allows the Speck team to do custom sawing on site, and to the customer’s exact specifications

Speck also has a unique, local lumber selection, including Mountain Ash, White Oak, Cherry, Red Oak, Walnut, Hickory, and Oak Barn Wood. Whether their customers are beginning with a plot of land, or evolving their home with an addition, Speck Contracting is well-suited to meet any specific needs they might be presented with.

Excavating? Not a problem: Speck has the tools and material to take care of any excavating issues, complete with an excavator, loader, dump truck, augers, trencher, grapple, rock hammer, and rock hound. The company also does septic work (class one and two), repair, trenching, and grading.

“Speck is unique in that we offer custom homes with great value because of my extensive background in many trades—from growing up in the business,” Speck noted. “And our team is always growing. We do local business the right way. No cheating, over-pricing, or under delivering—what you need is what you get. Our customers are part of the family.”

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