Eric Lewis and his partners at Ours, Lawyer, Lewis & Company, PLLC (OLL), bring the community decades of experience as CPAs.

Lewis, Thomas Ours, Chad Lawyer, as well as Smith & Associates CPAs & Consultants, merged in 2007 to create the firm, which boasts two locations—in Martinsburg and Charles Town.

“I very much enjoy working with small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Lewis. “Working as a CPA gives me the opportunity for variety in my work, and the privilege to work with some of the nicest people around. I saw an opportunity to join up with two friends to build a practice, help individuals and businesses, and participate in my community.”

Lewis became a CPA in 1999 while working in finance at two tech startups. He then joined the venture capital firm that had invested in them – working in tech finance until returning to public accounting and teaming up with Ours and Lawyer to form OLL in 2007. To that end, he and his OLL partners have all worked outside of public accounting.

“Those years were amazing and quite a wild ride,” assured Lewis. “I learned so much from the partners at Walker Ventures, and I try to use what I learned in high-tech finance today with my clients. All of us have been entrepreneurs, had to make payroll, and work out business plans.”

While Lewis doesn’t necessarily specialize, he enjoys working with small businesses, which make up the bulk of his practice. Overall, OLL offers full-service tax, accounting, and business consulting services, which includes assisting individuals and businesses that are looking to buy or sell a business or real estate, by helping them with financial projections and bank financing packages.

Jefferson County, the Eastern Panhandle, and the entire state of West Virginia are special to Eric. He grew up in Shepherdstown, and raised his own family there, and feels blessed to be part of an area that’s so welcoming to the D.C. Metro area.

“I believe that providing CPA services in a growing area like this can really add value and help out local residents,” he said. “We know what it takes to operate a business because we’ve done it before. We strive to be incredibly responsive, and to give top-quality service to our clients. We just genuinely enjoy what we do.”

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