Book Cover - Ron Rash, In The Valley

Ron Rash’s Appalachia

In his newest work, In the Valley, Ron Rash returns to the short story form as well as to the characters of Serena in the novella that gives name to this collection.
Billy Manas

Sobriety Nuts and Bolts

— Kickass Recovery, by Billy Manas (New World Library, 2020) Reading a book on addiction recovery is not as daunting as recovery itself, but it can be a difficult task for numerous reasons, including how it ...
The Winter Sisters

Appalachian Magical Realism

— The Winter Sisters, by Tim Westover (QW Publishers, 2019) Magical realism is often associated with the Latin American literary tradition where it originated from and its entwinement of the mundane and the ...
Timothy Dodd

The Shadow of the Land

— Fissures and Other Stories, by Timothy Dodd (Bottom Dog Press, 2019) Timothy Dodd’s Fissures and Other Stories is a slim tome of 19 short stories that mostly take place in West Virginia, but whose range of...
Madeline ffitch

Stay and Fight, by Madeline ffitch

The idea of going “back to the land” tends to evoke picturesque images of a nurturing earth and a supposed return to an uncorrupted, self-sufficient lifestyle. These beliefs are swiftly shattered for the charac...