Since 1991, the Allegro Dance Company has focused on quality dance education, age-appropriate instruction, and a tasteful family atmosphere. Lindsey Knott, studio owner and director, has carefully created a welcoming atmosphere that highlights the accomplishments and achievements she has worked to earn with her students and staff.

Located conveniently at 71 Edmond Road, Suite #5, Kearneysville, WV, Allegro is currently preparing for the 2019 Summer Camp season. “We have our summer camps, which I think is a good time for anybody who’s thinking about starting or trying dance,” Knott said. “It’s always a good place to start, and if you don’t like it, you aren’t committed to the whole year.”

The Prince and Princess Camp will be held twice—July 8-12 and August 5-9—each from 10am-12pm. This camp features classical ballet dance along with Disney-themed costumes. It also offers crafts and games for participants. The camp concludes with a 15-minute dance showcase to promote stage experience for what participants have learned. “This is always a big hit because who doesn’t want to be a prince or a princess, and every day you get to be a different character,” added Knott.

She also indicated that Allegro boasts a camp for kids who maybe aren’t into the whole princess and prince thing. The Heros and Villians Camp will be held July 15-19, from 10am-12pm.

“We have an obstacle course, and they learn dances every day,” said Knott. “We’ll have Marvel day and DC Comic day, and you get to dress up as your favorite character. That one’s a lot of fun.”

Knott explained that the school also features junior and senior Summer Intensive Camps, which include a different dance style each day. Genres include Jazz, Classical Ballet, Acrobatics, and Choreography. The junior camp will be held August 5-9, from 1-4pm, and the senior camp is set for July 8-12.

The final camp offered is titled Dancescapes, set for July 22-26, from 1-4pm. “That is our guest teacher camp,” explained Knott—adding that the school hired master teachers, including Patricia Lein (acrobatics), Desiree Acosta (tap), Juan Rivera (hip hop), and will include yoga and classical ballet.

To learn more, visit the above links or call 304-671-9813.

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