When you walk through the doors of Aanandha Health and Wellness (217 S. Duke St., Shepherdstown), guests instantly feel the tranquil energy that owner Teresa Collins has created. The feel is private, calm, and inviting. The environment has been carefully created in order to reduce stress so that clients can truly enjoy their moment with the talented massage therapist.

“This environment is stress reducing,” Collins stated. “I want clients to feel the reduction of stress. I want to increase their comfort. Stress is a causative factor in almost all of our negative health outcomes … stress plays a major role.”

Collins, a native West Virginian, opened her workspace in Shepherdstown after developing her skill set at the Florida School of Massage, as well as graduating with a degree in Health Studies from Portland State University. She brings her knowledge and her skill set back to Shepherdstown during this time in her career to help those who hope to help themselves.

When a client decides to try the Aanandha massage table, they have the benefit of body work from a massage therapist with 18 years of experience. When she started her career in 2001, Collins had focused her studies on deep-tissue massage.

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“When I was in Portland, I took a really great deep-tissue course,” she explained. “For the longest time, I was very focused on deep-tissue. Four years ago, I had a college course that changed the way I look at the work that I do—I do a lot less deep-tissue. But people do flock to me for deep-tissue. I hear a lot of people say, ‘That was very thorough’ or ‘That was great pressure,’ so I do have a lot of people come to me for that.”

Collins said she has found great inspiration from the study of the Reembody Method by mentor Kevin Charles Moore. The Reembody Method combines the study of physics with Pilates, personal training, and physical therapy. The combination of her extensive education has formed the basis for her message: massage, movement, and meditation. She stated that she would like to take on more clients for rehab and prehab care, which incorporates the collective of her training.

“It’s amazing to see your clients, and in six months, they come back and say, ‘I feel so much better,” Collins said. “When people have a session, I typically give them three exercises to incorporate into their routines at home.”

Aanandha services include the following: 60-minute massage, $75; 75-minute massage, $87.50; 90-minute massage, $100; and 120-minute massage, $125. A monthly membership has been designed as a way for reoccurring clients to save money. With the membership, clients receive one massage a month, which can be transferred to an immediate family member.

For more information, visit Aanandha online, find Aanandha on Facebook, or call 304-362-3009.

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