Chris Grant has evolved his vision of bringing the experience of Jamaica to Jefferson County once again. From slinging his intensely delicious grilled jerk chicken in various locations, manufacturing and selling his Love Sauce, and organizing the county’s first Reggae festival—to a now-permanent installation of the C&G Jerk Center.

“Jerk chicken runs the world in Jamaica” Grant proclaimed with his signature contagious smile. Having officially opened on Memorial Day last month, sales manager Dianne Batt confirmed, “It’s an amazing journey we’re on, and I’m excited for him.”

The idea for a local Jerk Center has been marinating in Grant’s mind for years. In Jamaica, jerk centers are open-aired grills serving up local meats and fish with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Grant ensures his center will carry on this tradition using all natural, locally sourced and farm-fresh ingredients straight off the grill and onto your plate.

Nestled between The Black Dog Coffee Company and Twin Ridge Market (8001 Charles Town Road, Shenandoah Junction), C&G Jerk Center will feature Grant’s signature jerk chicken he describes as “… traditionally served with bread and sauce—and that’s all you need.”

If you want more, however, you’re in luck—as the menu is expanding to offer up additional island tastes including breakfast wraps, jerk burgers, salads and vegetarian options, natural juices, and an occasional appearance of Grant’s famous ox tail and curried goat.

The Right Next Step

In addition to sharing the cultural food and vibes of Jamaica locally, Grant now offers the opportunity for a first-hand travel experience that takes adventurers off the beaten path to an immersion into true Jamaican life. Intrepid travelers will stay in a private home that Grant describes as “simple, yet extraordinary with million-dollar views and the opportunity to rest, relax, and discover Jamaica on your own time.”

Batt, having enjoyed her second trip this past winter, described the experience as “one of the best vacations, and I’ve traveled all my life. Picture native Jamaican guides with stellar reputations cooking and driving for you and showing you the most beautiful sights … you’re in good hands.”

Jennifer Maghan and Brian Bircher, owners of The Black Dog, took a “leap of faith” when, after five long years of building their brand, they decided their need for a getaway could wait no longer. Grant met them at the airport and proceeded to arrange for daily excursions to multiple beaches, trips to roadside markets to purchase fresh ingredients for enjoying the local cuisine, boat rides up the White River and introductions to new friends, and the sights and sounds of Jamaica. At the end of their trip, it became clear that Grant’s Jerk Center was the next right step in their collaboration and collective vision for the perfect addition to the local small business community.

In speaking with Grant and Batt about their brand-building journey, they state clearly that the people of Jefferson County have been instrumental in their success. It is only natural in this new chapter, for Grant to reciprocate. “Giving people a chance to be part of my life—changing their life by sharing my home and supporting the people who’ve built me up is a way for me to share my world,” he reflected.

For more information on booking your Jamaican excursion, see Grant as you stop in to C&G Jerk Center for your next meal. Hours will be Tuesday–Friday (7am-7pm), Saturday (9am-7pm), and Sunday (11am-3pm)—closed on Mondays. And find out more at the above link!

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