You might have noticed in David Lillard’s print-edition editorial this month a certain paragraph at the end that suggests a new road ahead for this publication.

Indeed, I’m very excited to take over The Observer and bring Jefferson County, the Panhandle, and beyond a fresh take on community news, information, events, and people that I truly believe will honor the legacy that David is leaving behind, and carve out an inspiring new direction moving forward.

Interestingly enough, the March 2016 print issue will probably be a keeper as the years go by. It will be the final Observer to maintain the look and feel that you’ve been experiencing for the last half-decade.

The April print issue will be our official debut of the completely rebranded, redesigned, repurposed, and reconsidered Observer.

In fact, you’ll notice some slight changes already to the March 2016 issue, in terms of topicality, as a subtle glimpse of things to come. I’d tell you more, but that would spoil the surprise! What you can do is keep your eye on our increasingly popular Facebook page and Like it, of course. We update multiple times a day with valuable area news, events, information, and inspiring photography.

Everything about the new Observer is going to create and provide value to our community, from the feature articles to the columns to the advertisements. This community-driven concept will be at the heart of every print issue we produce, and what we share online. We see this opportunity as a chance to grow together—to share in each other’s hopes, dreams, good times, and bad—and inspire one another along the way through captivating feature content, buzz-worthy design, eye-catching photography, and essential community news and information.

And what better way to kick it all off than with a huge party? That’s right—we’re going to do this proper. We’re throwing an official Observer Re-Launch Party on Saturday, April 9, from 5-7pm, at Town Run Brewing Company in Shepherdstown (202A E. Washington St.). It’s FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE, so get yourself to Town Run on April 9—it’s going to be a wonderful night of celebration and promotion. RSVP here.

I also want to take a special moment to show my appreciation for our official partners for this party. You’ll see them there, and don’t hesitate to chat them up and thank them for their party-making generosity:

Morgan Academy
Black Dog Coffee
The Bavarian Inn
Kristian Thacker
The Cultured Leaf Kombucha
The Shepherdstown Farmers’ Market
The Charles Town Farmer’s Market
The Vintage Lady
ViVo Restaurant & Bar
Handlebar Photobooth
Sokel Makeup & Skin Care
Riva’s Salsas de Mexico
Town Run Brewing Company

A new chapter has begun for The Observer. I can’t wait to show you what’s in store.


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